Thank you for Attending  Pamper with a Purpose!  The evening made good on the promise of  Purpose and Pampering.  New York Life  sponsored a wonderful event.  Pranna was transformed into a space of relaxation, rejuvenation and ALL in recognition of ourselves, our finances and our well being.


  •  Robin Parrish’s Make up bar.  Robin made the women look extraordinary while providing make-up tips,  and she shared secrets from her cosmetic line.
  •  Pamela Anise Wray’s reflexology lab and spa bar was beyond the basics.  Pamela put the “P” in Pampering and the guests left feeling lighter and limber.
  •  Shenna Vaughn‘s works of art tantalized or visual experience and made the place ‘pop’ with color that set the mood for the evening. For more information on Shenna’s art and events,  just click on her name.
  • Robin St. Clair,  author and healer motivated us with her cycle breaking experiences that challenged participants to move into their passion to break barriers that keeps them from living their best lives.

As the evening flowed with cocktails, talk and tasty treats, women (and men too) connected beyond networking.  Guests and participants engaged in the importance of self care and positive self talk.   Finance, strategy, and career management was top of mind as we moved


  • Jasmin Gorritz & Karen Schob.  The Financial duo shared their vision for creating family legacies and individual wealth.
  • Jannie Pilgrim, Director of Mentoring and CEO of The DealFM discussed the importance of financial fitness,  the power of career coaching and creating a journey of success.