Welcome to the 2018 LOT Program

  Welcome to the 2017 Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Program, formerly known as CASH. We extend warm greetings to all the students and mentors and parents who will join us this year.  We also extend an open invitation to all school administrators, community and corporate partners to visit our wonderful program.

This year we begin our 24th year of the LOT Program. We are coming off an exciting 2016 year. Our nationally recognized program is known in other cities as Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) and New York was the beginning for this high school mentoring program 24 years ago.  We are very proud of the hundreds of young women and men who have graduated from this incredible mentoring program and have gone on to accomplish great things in life. Moreover, it is an honor to acknowledge the backbone of this program—our volunteer mentors and partners who have supported us throughout the years.

The LOT Program is focused on inspiring visionaries and harnessing the talent necessary to develop well-rounded and undoubtedly great thinkers who are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century global workforce.

On January 6, 2017, we embark upon the start of our 24th season and our motto this year is “Challenge yourself to be great”.  Registration begins December 22, 2016 and will remain open until January 4, 2017. We will have a mandatory parent meeting on January 6, 2017, which is also the official start of the program. Please join us in helping to prepare this year’s high school students to accomplish the sole and very important mission of this mentoring program. To College and Beyond!

Thank you,

Molly Creese

Program Director



The sole mission of the C.A.S.H Program is to provide African-American high school students with awareness, education and information of the economic, financial and social advantages of graduating from high school and matriculating through college. It provides access to business professionals and resources to help the youth in our community in several aspects of their life from choosing the right college and career to living their lives financially independent. This program gives the students a competitive advantage to be able to soundly compete in today’s and tomorrow’s intertwined global economy.

All workshops are from 6:00pm – 8:00pm; date and/or location are subject to change with advanced notice. All sessions will be held at Columbia University’s Business School at Uris Hall located at 117th and Broadway. Take the 1 train to the campus.

For additional information about the program please click the individual links below.

2018 Session Documents

Session 1: Introduction and Choosing the Right College – Friday, January 08, 2016

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Registration is now open for 2017

These forms are for the LOT Mentor Program 2017 registration cycle.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Form

This form must be printed out, signed by the parent(s)/guardian(s), and brought to the first meeting.

Please review the following requirements and expectations for everyone involved in the C.A.S.H. Program. All parties should ONLY consider joining the program if they are able to meet ALL of the requirements of their particular group.

Student Requirements

  • Attend all 18 sessions or the majority of them
  • Participate each week by providing input at the sessions
  • Obey rules of the program
  • Respect other students of the program
  • Take plenty of notes from mentors and guest speakers
  • Be a good team player, help your team members
  • Be willing to put in the work that the program requires
  • Bring your A-Game as this is a very competitive program
  • Have a serious commitment toward preparing yourself for college
  • Engage in public presentations to the entire audience
  • Utilize the Chapter’s website weekly to find program resources

Mentor Requirements

  • Attend the sessions that you commit to whether it’s the part-time or full-time schedule
  • Facilitate the weekly sessions but let your team of students take the lead
  • Administer the rules of the program with students
  • Be prepared each week by reviewing the Mentor Resource documents for each week’s sessions
  • Have a team contact strategy to communicate with students throughout the program(CRITICAL)
  • Be a good team player, communicate with your fellow team mentors
  • Be willing to put in additional hours with your team outside of the regular Friday meetings (in particular near the end of the program)
  • Bring your A-Game because the students are watching you
  • Have a passion about helping our youth prepare themselves for college and beyond

Parent Requirements

  • Attend a minimum of 2 of the 18 sessions in order for the student to graduate. We recommend the following:
    • “HowTo Pay For College” and/or
    • “FinancialLiteracy II” and/or
    • “TheCommunity Service Event” and/or “Case Competition Presentation Day”
  • Help spread the word about the program to other parents through PTA, school,community organizations, work, etc.
  • Participation parent discussions as the students are in sessions with their teams and mentors
  • Encourage your child to complete the entire program (January through June)
  • Review the program website for resources such as scholarship information<
  • Provide suggestions on how to improve the program
  • Complete the General Release form

Program Assistant Requirements

  • Attend the sessions that you commit to whether it’s the part-time or full-time schedule
  • Assist Program Director with administering the running of the program
  • Help to hold students accountable for results
  • Help communicate with students, mentors and parents and partners about program events
  • Help mentors to contact students throughout the program year
  • Assist with picture-taking and video capture throughout the program
  • Be a good team player, communicate with everyone in the program
  • Be willing to put in additional hours with “behind-the-scenes” tasks + toward end of program
  • Have a passion about helping our youth prepare themselves for college and beyond
2016 C.A.S.H. Schedule



This is the 2016 C.A.S.H schedule. Please review this document every week as it is subject to change