A friend in my network shared an article on Job Hopping.  Having interviewed hundreds (maybe thousands) of candidates, this made me reflect on my thinking process when I interviewed job hoppers.

First, I must address that leaving one company to go to another is perfectly fine. Often, leaving one company for another leads to the biggest salary increase.  However, If a person leaves a job *every three years or less then they can be considered a job hopper.

If a candidate is a match for a position, I instantly wanted to know why they hopped around so much.  I always began my line of interview questions with these thoughts in mind:

  • Was the job hopping by choice? If so why?
  • If the candidate did not leave on their own, what is the back story?
  • If this candidate is hired will the hiring company get a ROI?
  • Does the candidate get along with others?
  • Is the candidate difficult to manage?
  • Is the candidate a good fit with the company?

It’s important for candidates to have solid answers to these questions. There is always a risk involved in hiring a new employee.  Good interviewers can determine a candidate’s fit and skill set to help in mitigating that risk.

Having solid answers to these interview questions can make the difference in determining if a company should take the risk by hiring a job hopper.


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